Algebra Games and Puzzles

There are many cool algebra math games to make learning fun! Keep reading for suggestions and links for card games, board games, puzzles and more to make building algebraic thinking skills fun whether inside or outside a classroom.

Playing cards are versatile for fun free math games. Build a variety of skills depending on how you keep score or design your game.

I recommend removing all of the face cards and jokers from a regular deck of playing cards. Use the ace as a one and not as a high card. Then you have terrific manipulatives, with only numbers 1 to 10, to use creatively. They can be moved with the order changed easily to help visualize equations. Face up on a table top works great.

Speaking of visualizing equations, my favorite way to visualize the concept of equations is to imagine a balance scale. Each side must be equal or have the same weight. The objects or expressions might look very different, but their values are the same.

Click here for Target Number a game that uses a regular deck of playing cards to form numeric expressions, uses the order of operations agreement, and introduces equations.

Click here for Card Equations a game using cards to form creative equations.

Equate is terrific board game similar to Scrabble, but with cross equations instead of crosswords.

Click here for Guess My Function a free math game that can be played with a large group in a classroom or with just 2 or more participants at home.

The classic game Battleship is helpful in building graphing skills and understanding.

Click here for more fun Graphing Games and Battleship Variations .

Having fun and playing games breaks down the math anxiety barriers to learning sooo...

Remember to change the rules, make up your own games, and most importantly, enjoy!

Try these fun free math and algebra games:

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